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There are several different ways to save money. My blog focuses on coupons, hot deals, online deals and freebies. I narrowed it down to these items because it can be overwhelming trying to get every deal.

I started a step by step series of how to get started with coupons and I’ve listed each link below. The best way to get a understanding of using coupons is to follow each step in order.

Step 1: How Do Coupons Work?

Step 2: Different Types of Coupons

Step 3: What Type of Couponer Are You?

Step 4: Organizing Coupons

Step 5: Adding Coupons to Your Coupon Organizer

Step 6: Understanding Coupons

Step 7: Coupon Lingo

Step 8: Understanding Coupon Match Ups

I started my shopping trips with just grocery stores. Now I do grocery stores, drug stores and super centers. I don’t do every single one because that would be way to time consuming. There are a TON of great deals but it is almost impossible to do them all. I do my regular grocery deals and then try to do one other store each week. It is tempting to try and get all the deals but you have to judge what you can do based on your own schedule.

Take your time and ease into it. Make it fun and not stressful. I enjoy cutting coupons with my kids, I have them cut the ones I don’t need just in case they cut the bar code. Once you start using coupons and have a better understanding of them you will always want to use one.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am here to help.

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