Tight Store

TGT: Tight Wallets is a producer of unique simple wallet that can be convenient to carry anywhere. The concept of the TGT wallet is to keep it simple, and keep it tight. TGT wallets are designed by Jack Sutter to minimize bulk, and create a fantastic alternative to traditional wallets. Each wallets produce by TGT provides comfort, lightness and pocket space; and affords the ability to leave unnecessary bags at home.  All wallets are handmade to assure quality and durability before setting it out to the market. TGT produce their customized yarns and elastics on the east coast of the United States. They continue to conduct research of leather tanneries to find the finest, softest, and most elastic lambskin in the world.

One of the best sellers on their store is the Laser Etched TGT Wallets which can be personalize with initials, making it one-of-a-kind, while remaining true to its classic minimalist design. Take something that’s made for everyone, and you make it your own. These wallets make the perfect gift. It is only one of the best wallets you can buy at TGT store. Take a visit now on their store and find the best wallet for you!

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