The London Vandal

The London Vandal sells shirts with graffiti prints from aspiring artist Ventsa. A legend Ventsa has excelled over the past three years, defining his style ever more tightly whilst working with the best brands in graffiti and painting with some of the most exciting writers. Those reasons, as well as his unusually sharp design eye, are why we asked him to work with us on this new tee, of which only a limited amount will be sold. It also sold limited edition hats to customers.

The London Vandal also offer customers prints made by some of the most relevant contemporary urban artists worldwide. They also sell best-selling titles from the realms of graffiti, street-art, photography and culture. The London Vandal stocks their own range of products, as well as products from brands such as Molotow Belton, Grog, Krink, Montana, Graphotism, Wordplay, Not Guilty, Mishka, Rebel8, New Era, King, Supreme and more.

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