The Addiction Summit

Special offers at The Addiction Summit, an online health talk program that aired in August 2018. The Addiction Summit is designed for those who are vulnerable to any addiction. Whether you or someone you know is addicted to food, alcohol, tobacco, opioids, stimulant or any other behavior addictions, this summit is organized to provide help for you or such individuals and restore your health back to normal.

This summit is available as a digital download for all users. If you registered, you’ll get the opportunity to receive offers and other health related promotions from the addiction summit. The Addiction Summit offers free gifts from this summit, which include books and video collections from renowned health expert such as “Healing Addiction and Codependency” by Maria Watson and “Food Addiction and Dirty Genes” by Ben Lynch. All speakers on this summit are highly trained and qualified. Register now for this summit and enjoy other exciting special offers today.

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