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Skyroam sells pocket wifi with coverage almost all over the world. The company is founded in Silicon Valley by top notch technology savvy that have identified a common point of pain among fellow business travelers: obtaining a fast, reliable mobile internet connection while on the road is a challenge. And when back at home from travel, the traveler receives a shockingly high roaming bill. Such concerns is becoming more acute as data consumption skyrockets, driven by smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and even wearable’s. Skyroam addresses this issue by introducing 3GMate, a global mobile hotspot that provides easy, fast, secure and affordable mobile data around the world. 3Gmate keeps you connected on the road; keeps your corporate data secure; and drives efficiency into your company’s BYOD program.

The next step for Skyroam is to power the Internet of Things. By leveraging patented virtual SIM technology, Skyroam delivers a local SIM over the air to ensure a seamless data connection around the world for your IoT application. Skyroam’s vSIM technology enables companies in the wireless ecosystem to easily deploy mobile connectivity anywhere in the world, simplifying supply chain, reducing costs, and improving service levels. What are you waiting for? Travel with your own Skyroam right now!

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