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Coupon codes for Progressive RX, a money saving website offering discounts on life-saving medications. Progressive RX was created to help people afford their medications while out of work or having a lower income. Medications today are so expensive and you can save big by purchasing your much-needed medications at Progressive RX. Live better, live longer, and save big at Progressive RX!

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Huge Savings At Progressive RX! Receive HUGE savings of up to 80% off of name brand medications at Progressive RX! Living better has never been cheaper!

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I'm a happily married stay-at-home mom to three sweet kiddos. My husband works very hard for our family and for me to have the opportunity to raise our kids at home. I love stretching all of our hard-earned money as far as it will go and finding great coupons allows me to do just that. Christian Clippers gives me the chance to share these amazing deals with you!

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