Liberty Maniacs

Liberty Maniacs is an independent brand selling freedom-loving apparel, accessories, prints, and other products. It is also about freedom and independence. The core of the business is all about crafting design and other merchandise that celebrates freedom and occasionally having a little fun with those that oppose it. The company continue to produce stuff for free people. Liberty Maniacs allows people to express their ideas on liberty through a unique graphic art on a shirt. It is a fun way to exercise your freedom of expression. Like the TRUST THE GOVERNMENT SITTING BULL MEN’S AMERICAN APPAREL T-SHIRT that features a portrait of Chief Sitting Bull of the Lakota. The American Apparel t-shirt set the standard for premium tees in America. Made in America with American cotton, while pricier, these shirts are the trusted canvas for millions of t-shirt aficionados across the globe.

There are also prints about humor, NSA, libertarian, politics, pop culture, vintage, drinkware and more. All products are made with high quality material to ensure expressing liberty in a quality wear. Consider to check the store and find the print expression that suit to your ideas you wanted to express.

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