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Hair Secrets weaves unparalleled quality into each and every strand. The hair extensions they offer are comprised solely of 100% remy human hair of the highest calibre, with the roots located at one end of the weft and the tips at the other. With the same length from root to tip and cuticles running in the same direction, their hair extensions not only replicate the hair’s natural growth, they also prevent unwanted tangling.

Ensuring that the quality stays at an unrivalled level, Hair Secrets extensions undergo an extensive manual processing that separates any unwanted shorter hairs – a process that’s repeated twice (known as ‘double drawn’) and ensures the volume and thickness remain consistent throughout the entire length. With Iong-hold clips and a huge colour range, Hair Secrets gives brilliant volume and a silky-smooth finish each and every application. Stunning looks, strength, and shine… the key to beautifully long hair is now in your hands. Make it your secret today.


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