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Coupons and deals for Guitar Tricks, helping you become the famous guitarist that you’ve always dreamed of. Pick up some free lessons, shop Guitar Tricks’ DVD Store, and sign yourself up for a free trial. Guitar Tricks has the most songs, the easiest step-by-step beginner program (The Core Learning System), and the lowest price. On-screen notation is included in the program. Browse through over 8,000 lessons and 500 songs. Learn how to play songs from your favorite artists, like The Beatles, The Eagles, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaugh. Through modern technology of the internet, quality streaming video, and the cream of the crop teachers/instructors, Guitar Tricks will take you from beginner to expert. Videos have 3-angle view shot in high-definition video. You’ll see why so many people choose Guitar Tricks online lessons over $25/hour local lessons every day. Try it today with these Guitar Tricks offers!

11,000 Lessons

11,000 Free Lessons Guitar Tricks 14 Day Trial-Coupon

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Guitar Tricks Save $60

Guitar Tricks DVD Store

Guitar Tricks – Free 14-Day Trial

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