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Earth Runners is an online shopping store that offers minimalist sandals inspired by the world renowned long distance runners, the Tarahumara Native American Indians of Northwestern Mexico. Creating custom made one-of-a-kind sandals which is comfortable and can stand difficult hiking trail. Aside from being comfortable, it also protects your feet from injury and comfort fitting sandal. The difference of Earth Runners compare to other minimalist sandals is the trademark design that permit you to assimilate the ever present subtle earth’s electrical energies: it offers similar experience going barefoot, and still provides safety from diverse terrains or any hazard from the streets.

We can tell that the feet is our connection to the Earth. Standard footwear prevents the vital bio input that can be found in earth, and thus influence our health and how precisely our body is able to tell time. The Earth Runner’s barefoot technology provides connection between body and natural energy from earth. The conductive laces and copper inserts provides electrical grounds by permitting electron transfer from the planet directly to your body. Wearing Earth Runner minimalist sandal lets you experience the connection between you and nature. Buy one today, as they offer huge discount for custom made sandals.

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