Coco Jack

If you love Young Thai Coconuts but dread opening them, then Coco Jack is the tool you’ve been waiting for. No matter what your size or strength, you can open a Young Thai Coconut in just a few seconds. Watch the instructional videos for tips and tricks. And Check out the Coco Scoop, Coco Noodler, Glass Straws, and more at the Shop.  Coco Jack is Patent Pending and is made out of 100% food safe stainless steel. The beater is 100% food safe plastic. And the entire line of products is Made in the USA.

Coco Jack also comes with a specially designed shock absorbing grip, whose material was originally developed to absorb the vibration from motorized lawn mowers!  They will help protect your hand from excess vibrations if you’re opening a lot of coconuts at once.  Aside being rugged and high quality, The Coco Jack is made with aesthetic mind. Each measurement and dimension is calculated utilizing the ancient Fibonacci proportions to create a beautiful, balanced, and essential tool. Coco Jack is considered not just a tool but also a work of art.  The signature offset thumb hole is the essence of practicality and style. Check out their website and find great deals.

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