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Amazon Promo Code

Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop! I’ve listed all the current Amazon Promo Code and Discount Deals that are still available as of June 24, 2018 on my blog. I love posting Amazon deals daily. It is against Amazon’s Terms of Service to post the discounted price of the product in my post. I have to post them with a % off or a $ off amount (trust me, I would much rather list the price). Amazon does allow me to put the regular price in the post but that means you have to figure out the amount you are saving. My ultimate goal is to bring you the most savings!!


Just to be clear, if the item has a Amazon promo code the price will be further reduced at checkout. It will not be the price you are seeing in the post. It will be cheaper. If you find any deals that are no longer available please leave me a comment. I want to keep them as accurate as possible.

Not sure how to get these Amazon Deals? Check out my post on How to Get Amazon Deals on my blog.



BBQ Grill Mat Set
Amazon Promo Code: BBQ Grill Mat Set (5 Pack) – 40% Off


LED Lantern Lights
Amazon Promo Code: LED Lantern Lights (2 pack) – 60% Off


LED Fairy String Lights
Amazon Promo Code: LED Fairy String Lights – 50% Off


Acrylic Yarn
Amazon Promo Code: Acrylic Yarn (20 Pcs) – 50% Off


Handheld Back Massager
Amazon Promo Code: Handheld Back Massager – 30% off


Bike Cable Lock
Amazon Promo Code: Bike Cable Lock – 50% off


Hot Glue Gun
Amazon Promo Code: Hot Glue Gun – 50% off


Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer
Amazon Promo Code: Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer – 45% Off


Silicone Cooking Gloves
Amazon Promo Code: Silicone Cooking Gloves – 30% Off


Rotating Makeup Organizer
Amazon Promo Code: Rotating Makeup Organizer – 50% off


Small Dog Carrier Tote
Amazon Promo Code: Small Dog Carrier Tote – 50% off


Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lights
Amazon Promo Code: Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lights – 30% Off


Large Display Digital Bathroom Scale
Amazon Promo Code: Large Display Digital Bathroom Scale – 45% Off!


Mini Smart Wifi Plug
Amazon Promo Code: Mini Smart Wifi Plug – 30% Off!


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Amazon Promo Code: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – 50% Off!


Silicone Pot Holders
Amazon Promo Code: Silicone Pot Holders – 30% Off!

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