When my husband and I first started living healthier, we dove head first into healthy eating but also were very concerned about the products we were using on a regular basis. We both knew that dangerous chemicals were floating around in almost every product we used and we didn’t want our bodies full of toxins. The body already has a big job filtering out the toxins we breathe in and, of course, we didn’t want to overload it with many extra chemicals from our daily toiletries. Both of us desired to go as natural as we could with every product we could and finding a clean lubricant was quite the task. Thankfully, we had some friends that had been living clean for years and they told us about a squeaky clean product out there called Sliquid.

Sliquid is a glycerin free lubricant that is safe for everyone. Many lubricant companies contain glycerin which has been known to cause urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Ladies, if this sounds like you, it could very possibly be your lubricant. And we all know those two issues are absolutely no fun! Sliquid is also paraben free which we found to be a huge plus when trying to live nontoxic. If you’re trying to live cleaner, Sliquid is the perfect choice for you. Sliquid is one great way to enjoy your life without compromising your health!

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Ordering from the website was a breeze. Pick your product, size, and add it to the cart. The 1 page checkout makes ordering quick and simple.


The box is well packed to prevent breaking or leaking, and is discrete.

Customer Service  

While I didn’t have an issue with an order, I had a question about a product, and received a quick response. They really cared about me as a customer.

Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricants for Women

There are 2 products I can recommend:

Take advantage of ongoing deals and promotions. At the time of this review, US customers get Free Shipping on order over $60 (APO customers always get Free Shipping), and Orders over $24.99 receive a free gift automatically.

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