Growing up in New York State, I had very few opportunities to practice shooting. Generally speaking, it simply didn’t happen. Fast forward to adulthood and moving to Kentucky, and landing my first post-graduation full time job, I picked up my first handgun.

What was the first target I shot at? Paper targets. Cheap, replaceable paper targets. At first I thought they were the better option. But the cost of replacing them continued adding up. Being on the frugal side of things, I taped them up sometimes. In the end, time is money, too. There had to be a better option.

My job relocated me a couple times, eventually moving me to Texas. Texans don’t joke around. That’s when I was introduced to steel targets. A friend of mine introduced me to some tough steel targets he had ordered online at Shooting Targets 7, and had taken advantage of a great promotion for stocking up on various target types.

What do I like about steel targets? Many things. The instant audible feedback is unmatched with paper targets. The movement of the target is right up there too. And you can’t beat the one-time purchase and time-saving that creates repeat savings each time you don’t have to purchase and replace the paper targets.  One of the least appreciated benefits is that of long ranged target practice. The semi-instant ring of the target being nailed without having to walk a quarter mile or check down range with the binoculars — makes it easier to spend your time doing what you like the most — target shooting.



Shooting Targets 7 is my go-to shop for steel targets. The list keeps growing. Made in the USA with fine laser-cutting steel (the hardest steel I’ve practiced with), owned by veterans, customer support that’s out of this world – even for custom orders…there’s just so much to love about them. Now that I’m on the newsletter subscription at Shooting Targets 7 I get discounts and promotional coupons that shave so much off my future orders.

Editor’s note: Get free shipping to the continental US on your order over $99.

You won’t be disappointed shopping at Shooting Targets 7. Their online store is super user friendly, offers many ways to pay (paypal and amazon pay for the win!), free shipping on orders over $99, and a money back guarantee – it doesn’t surprise me to see their store reviews on Google appear to be 4.999 stars out of 5. Seems like it only takes a couple days for my order to get from their warehouse to my front door.

P.S. Pick up the free AR500 Targets Guidebook at Shooting Targets 7 for a free discount coupon!

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