Last August, my husband, myself, and our 3 small children had just moved to a new state the day before school started for our 2nd grader and kindergartner. It was a quick, job relocation and one we had been praying for–for years. God had finally moved us closer to family and we were so thankful for the opportunity. We jumped at the chance! It was a crazy-fast move and not ideal with school starting the next day for our boys but we were excited about it all regardless.

A month into the new school year, our boys’ teachers met with me to discuss how they were doing. Our kindergartner was doing excellent but our 2nd grader was really struggling. We were very surprised to hear that because he did well in kindergarten and in first grade. As parents, we were devastated to hear this. His teacher was honest with us and said from their testing process, they could tell he had attended kindergarten but he didn’t know any of the first grade material as if he had never gone to first grade. His teacher said he was reading on an end-of-kindergarten level and would not be capable of keeping up with his second grade peers. It was really hard to hear because my husband and I had worked hard with him the previous year with his reading and felt like he was doing fine. His first grade teacher never mentioned anything about him being below grade level in reading. As his new teacher spoke with us about his struggles, it definitely clicked with me since I recently noticed my boy couldn’t read the majority of the homework the teacher was sending home. I was reading his homework to him most of the time. Needless to say, school and homework became increasingly frustrating for our boy and we weren’t sure what to do to help him catch up.

His teacher recommended us to keep him in her second grade class and have a tutor teacher assist him where he was struggling. My husband and I started searching for a program that we could use at home that would encourage him in reading. Because he’d be at school for a good part of each day, we tried finding some reading/grammar/comprehension curriculum that had great reviews and he’d look forward to doing. That’s when we stumbled upon Grammar Galaxy.

We chose to purchase Nebula Volume 1 by Grammar Galaxy. It was the perfect fit for our boy since he was all about space and heroes. He LOVED the stories and the missions! It was a huge lifesaver for us and a real break through for our boy! We just needed something that would captivate him to want to read and this was so entertaining for him!

Nebula is definitely for a first grade reader I feel. It was a bit of a struggle for our boy at first but he was excited to try and read the stories. We assisted him with the words he was trying to read but struggling a bit. After the first couple of weeks, we could already tell a difference in how much better he was reading and vocabulary was growing as well! And we couldn’t be happier with the results!

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A couple months after we started Grammar Galaxy, his teacher wanted to meet again. She was impressed with his progress and we were so thrilled to hear that! We were extremely thankful to have found this program in our time of need and plan on continuing with the next level as soon as our boy is finished with Nebula. Giving your child an enthusiasm for reading and education will only bring them wonderful opportunities for a lifetime! You will not be disappointed with Grammar Galaxy!

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