Every so often, a close mom friend of mine would invite me out for a mid-morning coffee and breakfast. I almost always looked forward to these little gatherings with her but this particular day was different. I literally felt like I was drowning in life with too many responsibilities and too little time. Feeling overwhelmed seemed like an understatement and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t catch up and felt like a complete failure. I was failing at making dinner every night, exhausted every morning because I stayed up too late folding a mountain of laundry, and my kids’ homework load was kicking my butt. I was transporting my older kids around every day, still trying to nurse a new baby, my husband had taken on more hours at work, and I couldn’t ever get the house cleaned at once like I used to. My little side business at home had been so neglected that it was no longer even put on my to-do list . I felt like there was absolutely no time to meet up with my good friend, yet I knew that a little stress-free time to catch up with her was also exactly what I needed. My heart felt like it was going to burst!! My anxiety had anxiety then those two anxieties had anxiety babies………like I was beyond a mess!!

My sweet friend greeted me with a hug (which I definitely needed) and asked me how I was doing. I basically let out a tear which led to a big sob and explaining (in my blubbering voice) that I had way too much on my plate and I couldn’t figure how to deal with it all. I told her I was barely surviving! She felt for me and told me she had certainly been there. Feeling discouraged since she had more kids than me and just seemed so much more put together than I was, I asked her how she did it all. How do you squeeze in any exercise? How do you fit in time for everyone? How on earth can a wife and mom like me survive without ending up on some kind of crazy medication?

She shared a reassuring testimony of a time in her life where she sounded exactly how I was feeling. Her answer was a smart schedule that became her boss. She began to tell me about The Organized Home Binder by Intentional Moms. She actually had it in her car so she shared it with me. Inside, I could plan out my day, week, and month, I could set goals, have check lists, and actually get my thoughts in order. Dinners would get planned ahead of time, I’d be reminded of my priorities, and my life would finally have some kind of order that I so desperately needed.

That night, I checked my email, and I had received a gifted Organized Home Binder that she had ordered just for me, and I was so excited! I felt like I could finally get my household together without being super stressed, being short with my family, and basically becoming (what my kids sometimes call me) “Crazy mommy!” I dove right into the binder and really enjoyed filling it all out and organizing my thoughts, lists, expectations, and goals. It was a huge stress reliever for me and every mom should own one! I finally have a sense of peace in my life where I can get things accomplished and have time for my side business along with time for myself too. Through all of this, I’ve learned that I absolutely have to make time for myself to breathe, do stress-free activities, and really be able to schedule out my days. When I’m not taking care of myself, I lose myself and that’s a scary thing. I become a person that I don’t recognize anymore and only feel like I’m useful as a live-in nanny and maid. That’s not who I used to be. I use to be much more loving and there for my husband and kids. It all starts with me taking care of myself and that’s exactly why The Organized Home Binder helped me so much. It became a vital tool in my life to help take away the stress, to take care of my family well, and to remember what I want for myself too. I could set goals and actively pursue them again which I really loved! Do yourself a favor if you’ve ever experienced being overwhelmed with responsibilities and order yourself one. You’ll be highly impressed and will become a brand new person that you truly enjoy being!

The Organized Home Binder is only $17 at Intentional Moms, which gives you instant access to the complete 8 section set.

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