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Moving can be crazy, hectic, and overwhelming! Even more so when the new school year is approaching and you’re planning on homeschooling your kindergartner. I’ll admit, I felt very under qualified! Deep down inside I knew homeschooling was a fabulous choice for us but somehow I personally had a hard time convincing myself that I could teach my sweet, 5 year old how to read and how to do it well. Thankfully, I had a super mom friend that had been down that road a few times already and understood just how I was feeling. She introduced me to an AMAZING learning-to-read program called Logic Of English Foundations.

I can’t explain how perfect this program was for me and my little Levi. The steps were easy to follow and not overwhelming to my little boy that really wasn’t interested in learning and would much rather spend his days burying toys in the backyard so he could play treasure hunt later. Logic Of English Foundations offered several short lessons and activities that not only kept my active boy’s attention but also made it very exciting for me to teach him. There really isn’t anything in this world more rewarding than teaching your child something new especially something as useful as reading. He truly enjoyed the games and activities and although the reading and writing was more work for him and he wasn’t as interested in that section, he did it because he knew he’d be able to do something more fun soon in the curriculum. After some practice, the reading and writing wasn’t so much work for him and he really started to look forward to it. He loved it so much that as soon as I woke up in the morning (like before coffee……how dare you! LOL!), he was asking if it was time to do his school! Of course, that’s when I knew I’d need to use this program for my next child too!

Just some helpful information for those interested: Logic Of English Foundations is the perfect start for a brand new reader. The Foundation levels are A, B, C, & D and for ages 4-7. You’ll receive the Teachers Manual, A & B Workbooks, Foundation B Readers, Handwriting Tactile Cards (you can choose print or cursive…..which I thought was awesome!), Doodling Dragons (An ABC Book Of Sounds), Whistling Whales (Beyond The Sounds Of ABC), Handwriting Quick Reference Chart, Basic Phonogram Flashcards, Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference, Spelling Analysis Card, Phonogram Game Cards, Phonogram Game Tiles, and the Student Whiteboard (which my boy loves). We are doing Level A & B set currently and will move on to the next soon. I’m HIGHLY impressed with Foundation A & B and am excited to try the next levels with Levi. Another aspect I love about all of this, is that my boy can go at his own pace which is SO nice! If he excels in an area, we can go as fast as he wants, yet if he needs extra time and assistance, we can slow down so he doesn’t get overwhelmed or discouraged.

Logic Of English Foundations has become a program I share with all of my homeschooling moms and also in the homeschooling groups. Everyone I know that has used it has absolutely loved it! It has great variety between work and fun that just keeps the kiddos intrigued and involved. So if you’ve been hesitant about a reading program for a new or struggling reader, you will NOT be disappointed with Logic Of English! It is WORTH the money to have a child excel in reading and writing and have a strong foundation! Do yourself and your kid a favor and use a program that’s fun, educational, and exciting!


Homeschooling Mom of 3

June 12, 2017 @ 23:33

Have you tried their other curriculum? I was looking at their Essentials material and curious if you or anyone you know has used it? Thank you!

Sarah McCormick

July 16, 2017 @ 10:49

My friends also use Logic of English curriculum and swear by it. Thanks for the reminder!!! <3


August 14, 2017 @ 23:31

Oh my goodness! Thank you for this review. I was so concerned about homeschooling, thinking I wouldn't be able to homeschool my 5 year old, and you've reassured me that I can do it!

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