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God was filling the men with wisdom by giving them the skills to build the robes.

A “miter” is a crown and a “girdle” is a sash. The ephod was a coat worn over the shoulders.

As Aaron enters God’s presence, he bears the names of the tribes of Israel on his shoulders and his heart.

It is believed that the Urim and the Thummim were two stones. One was black and one was white and they were used to inquire with God. When the priest would pull out the white stone it would mean God was saying “yes” and if he pulled out the black stone, it would mean God saying “no”.

Things had to be just right when the priest was in God’s presence. If they weren’t it could result in death. The little golden bells around the hem allowed people to pull on the rope tied to his foot to make sure he was alive.

Read: Exodus 29

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