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People who feel strongly about their faith find solace in the passions of others in their religion’s community.  Aside from social interactions, weekly church masses and meets, people of faith enforce teachings through texts.

A number of books, written by Christian men and women, are presented as keepsakes and gifts to loved ones.  Those maintaining libraries of religious texts find enjoyment in reliving older texts as well as learning evolved views related to modern-day philosophies focused on prolonging faith.

Do you know a young adult who would like to deepen the understanding of faith?  Perhaps you have a close friend who enjoys revised and new editions of older texts of the Christian cannon.  Consider the following texts, well-favored by Christian readers.

Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis’ view of the Christian faith was originally broadcasted on three separate radio segments then later published in separate texts.  C.S. Lewis threads together the overarching doctrines, beliefs, and goals of all Christians, expressing a common oneness and voice.  Much like the academic, Joseph Campbell, Lewis explores commonalities of those of faith, aligning all Christians together with their shared love of faith.

My Utmost for His Highest

Oswald Chambers served as Chaplain in Egypt, pointing men on the front line toward Christ.  This text was first published in 1923, and has been coveted by thousands ever since.  Royalties from the pious text help raise income for a school in Rwanda, distribute books in Africa, support children’s homes in Thailand, as well as directs funds toward a number of altruistic actions around the world.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Bunyan’s wonderful description of a pilgrim, Christian, on a journey to rid himself of the ‘burden’ on his back, experienced over 100,000 copies sold in the author’s lifetime.  Christian meets another, Evangelist, who tells him the only way to rid himself of the burden is to travel to the Celestial City.  More a story than text of didactic fashion, such as Bible versions, Pilgrim’s Progress seeks to teach tenets of faith through the experiences of the main character.

The Confessions of St. Augustine

St. Augustine, faithful Christian living in the fourth century A.D., penned his pious diaries, which centuries later, still astounds faithful followers and religious academics due to its psychological precision and real-to-life candor of a man of God exercising thoughts upon spiritual awakening, sensuality, morality, marriage, and other stations and elements of life.

Cambridge Clarion Series

This edition of the Bible coincides with the 400th anniversary of the King James version.  Comprised to meet the demands of the modern era, this version offers large reading font and graphic complements.  Print, presented in black lettering and paragraph form rather than single-column format, makes it easily accessible to readers of all ages.  Religious teachers favor the unencumbered flow and maps, which help guide learners of the faith.

How to Choose Your Gift of Faith

To ensure your loved one loves their book of faith, consider a few suggestions regarding selection.

  • First, as mentioned with the Cambridge series, readability is important.  Ensure the function of the book is optimal for readership and engagement.
  • Secondly, some translations of Bibles and past texts are more ‘literal’ and less ‘poetic.’  While some readers enjoy extracting metaphors, others rather read literal translations.  Consider the temperament of the receiver – are they more metaphorical or literal minded?
  • Next, note the method of translation.  Is the text translated by a single personality or committee?  Texts, experiencing committee participation, may offer more robust views and in-depth analysis.  Alternatively, a number of personalities throughout time dedicated their scholarship solely to faith and well-sought authors.

Matt Scyoc is a devout Christian and an avid reader. He enjoys writing about his favorite subject–books–for a number of different websites. Visit this Christian book store link for more book gift ideas.

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