Steps to a Healthier You

The next step to a healthier lifestyle is proper food combining.  This was very new to me when I started on my healthy living journey.  I realized that I’ve been eating the wrong food combinations my entire life.

Eating the wrong food combinations was one of the reasons I was overweight and tired.  After learning more about food combining, I realized that I couldn’t write my weight and tiredness off to age anymore.  The way I was eating was very hard on my digestive system. I would eat stuff like steak with potatoes and bread with lunch meat and so on. This resulted in my body working very hard to digest and created gas, bloating and more fat storage.

In order to properly food combine, you need to eat 80/20. The 20% is proteins or grains while the 80% should be from vegetables. You should also only eat until your 80% full to aid in digestion. A good rule of thumb is to stop eating when your satisfied, you shouldn’t eat until you’re full (one of my weaknesses).

If you don’t properly combine your food, your food sits in your stomach too long and begins to putrefy. This promotes alcohol and sugars to be produced. The yeast in your inner ecosystem feeds off these sugars, multiplying and moving out the beneficial microflora in your gut. If you start proper food combining now, you will give your digestive system a chance to heal and allow it to function properly.

You’ll no longer have to worry about gas and bloating after you eat a meal.  Your weight will most likely drop because you won’t be over working your system.  You will produce more energy to use daily.  Think of how much energy your body uses just to digest what you put in it. If you put the proper combination in your body, you’re body has time to work on other areas of your system that need it.

The basic rule of thumb for proper food combining are as follows:

  • Always eat fruit on an empty stomach.  You should always wait 4 hours after you eat to have fruit.
  • Eat protein or grains with non-starchy vegetables. Don’t eat protein and grains together.
  • Starchy vegetables and grains should only be eaten with non-starchy vegetables.

Proper food combining will get your body back to it’s natural balance. I can’t even express how clear my thought process has become from properly combining. I’m so much more efficient.  The Body Ecology Diet Website has a great Food Combining Chart you can print out to get familiar with this way of eating.

This is the 3rd post in a series. Click this Steps to a Healthier You link to see the rest of the posts :)! My next post will be about “how to identify processed foods”. Stay Tuned!

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