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God is bringing them into a new relationship with Himself.

The blood of the lamb is symbolic of the blood of Jesus Christ which is never to be trampled under foot (Hebrews 10:29-30).

They need to be full of lamb because they are going to take their flight. The need all the strength and energy.

The only way God would passover was if He saw the blood over the doorpost and side posts of the house. This showed their faith.

Yeast is a substance that takes over your body just like sin.

The only place that was safe was inside the house just as our only place of safety is in Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this feast was to remind people of what God has done. It also creates a question in the mind of children. God wants children to have the question of God in their mind so you have an opportunity to share God with them.

No stranger is to eat of the passover just as a non-believer is not to partake of communion (1 Corinthians 11:29).

The bones of lamb weren’t to be broken. Just as the bones of Jesus weren’t broken.

In order to proselytize into the Jewish Faith, you had to do the following three things: baptism, circumcision and partake in the Passover. If you didn’t do these three things, you weren’t considered a Jew.

Read:  Exodus 13

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To Be Continued Tuesday, January 1st………..

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