I’ve never been the type to wonder what’s in my food, I was always just looking for the best deal with a coupon. Now that I’ve actually experienced the difference of real food versus GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and processed food, I will no longer buy the other stuff. There are a few different things going on that affect you body.

  1. Processed Foods – Chemicals, additives and preservatives are added to processed foods so that they will last for a long time without going rancid or affecting the taste of the food. Food manufacturers spend time, money and research on beautiful packaging and strategies to lengthen shelf-life, with little attention on how the foods will lengthen your life or create lasting health.
  2. GMO – or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.
  3. Proper Food Combining – The process of digesting each meal takes a great deal of energy so you want to increase your ability to digest or your “digestive fire.” The undigested food stays in your digestive tract and putrefies, creating a toxic environment that makes your blood more acidic and allows yeast, viruses, cancer cells and parasites to grow inside you. In essence, your inner ecosystem is damaged and you are more prone to illness.

In the past three months, I’ve followed proper food combining and have limited my GMO and processed foods in-take. Finding non-GMO and non processed food is the hardest part. It amazes me how companies don’t care what they’re giving us.

I can tell you right now that my budget has gone up (50% or less) on groceries but it’s worth it. If someone told you to give your kids poison,  would you? I wouldn’t because I know it will kill them.  It’s the same thing with food. Search the internet, we are poisoning our kids.

I’m finally starting to get more involved with what my kids eat. I’m learning more about brands that I trust and that I don’t. A good example is a fruit roll up. My kids love them so I decided to make some in my dehydrator. I didn’t add anything to the fruit I pureed and the kids love them. Why do companies that sell fruit roll ups have so much in their ingredients? I made the exact same thing with just fruit.

The Body Ecology Diet has been a huge wake up call for me and I thank God for pushing me to take the time to look into it. They have tons of articles on what I’m discussing with you. I encourage you to check them out. In the meantime, if you need help finding companies that are GMO free, visit The Non-GMO Project website.

For more info on living a healthier lifestyle, visit my Healthy Living page.

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