Holy Bible
The Jews would cover their heads when they prayed as a symbol of being unworthy to approach God. Jesus opened the door for us to talk to God freely so if we covered our heads, we would be acting as if Jesus never came.

The prostitutes in Corinth wouldn’t wear veils so if a man’s wife didn’t wear her veil she would be mistaken for a prostitute. This was only a rule applied to the women in Corinth. The other churches didn’t have any veil customs.

People were being greedy when they were eating and drinking at the feasts, they weren’t leaving much for others.  Paul refers to people that were asleep (dead) and this may have been because they were celebrating the Lord’s Supper  in the wrong manner.

Read: 1 Corinthians 12

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To Be Continued Tuesday, August 23rd…………..

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