Groupon is one of my favorite daily deal sites and they’re giving away a $20 completely free! I just added it to my account with no problems. I’m not sure how long this will last, so hurry!

  • Sign in or sign up with this Groupon link (It’s Free)
  • Once signed in or registered, you will see your name is the upper right corner of the page, Click it
  • Select “My Gifts” and click “Redeem a Gift Card”
  • Enter “73GR9CO9” and redeem. (Make sure it’s the letter O not 0.).
  • You should receive a $20 Credit!!



July 27, 2011 @ 08:20

I got a 405 Not Allowed error when I tried to enter the number.


July 27, 2011 @ 08:23

It didn't work for me. First it told me Not Allowed and then I get a Page doesn't exist page.


July 27, 2011 @ 08:25

Doesn't work for me, I get an error that says that page doesn't exist. :(

Lauran Mason

July 27, 2011 @ 08:25

It said it didn't exist


July 27, 2011 @ 08:29

I had the same problem as Linda. Perhaps there are too many people attempting to do this at once and the server is bogged down?

Mrs. Undomestic

July 27, 2011 @ 08:30

Hey, I've tried it a couple times (making sure I had a letter O and from copying it from your list directly) and it isn't working. I keeping getting a 404 message after I enter it and then I show $0 in credit later.

Trish R

July 27, 2011 @ 08:30

Same here. Oh well!

Christina Baldwin

July 27, 2011 @ 08:30

It has told me Page not found after putting in the code. Is there anyone else having this problem?


July 27, 2011 @ 08:31

It's not working. It redirects you to a page with all the cities...Bummer, this was a killer deal.


July 27, 2011 @ 08:31

I even just tried to purchase something now instead of saving it for later. It didn't work either

Christina Baldwin

July 27, 2011 @ 08:32

Now its saying code not vaild... I think they shut down the codes because of too many people getting them. Who knows


July 27, 2011 @ 08:33

I just attempted it again, and now it is telling me that the code is not valid. :(


July 27, 2011 @ 08:36

It looks like it's gone :(. I tried to type it as fast as I could after I confirmed it, sorry guys!

Lisa @ Drugstore Divas

July 27, 2011 @ 10:20

Maybe it was a single use code?

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