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Hello everyone! I wanted to put you in the loop of a few changes to my blog. First off, if you want to learn more about me, please read my “About” page and my post about “Why I Write This Blog“.  I feel so blessed that I have such amazing readers! Make sure to keep up with the deals by subscribing to my daily e-mail updates or RSS Reader feed, It’s Free and Spam Free!

I’ve made the decision to add a few more topics to my blog. The new topics will be “Give with Coupons”, “Gracious Giveaway Friday” and maybe “Recipes”.  These new topics will start this week.

Here’s a description of each new topic:

  • Give with Coupons: This new weekly post will be on Monday’s. It really means what it says. I’ve always felt that we as “couponers” can help out so much by donating to local food banks, shelter, etc.  You will need to know how to coupon to do this and you can learn all about that on my “New Here?” page. Each week, I will post a list of the best deals available to use coupons to get the items free to super cheap and then you can donate the items. God calls us to help others and this is a great way to do it especially if you don’t have the cash to spare. God doesn’t look at how much (dollar value) we give, he looks at our hearts and our willingness to give. He tells us not to boast about what we give and that our reward will be in Heaven (this means I won’t be sharing what I give).
  • Gracious Giveaway Friday: This post will be every Friday. I personally love entering giveaways and I’m truly blessed when I win. You can enter giveaways to win for yourself or to give. This is another way to give to others, all you need is a little time to enter the giveaways. On Friday’s, I will list all my current giveaways and invite other blogs to link up their giveaways (family friendly only). This will give you the chance to enter some fun giveaways. If do not fully understand how giveaways work, click this giveaway link to learn more about my giveaways.
  • Recipes: This is up in the air right now but if I decide to add it, it will be on Wednesday’s. Each week I try to incorporate a new recipe into my meal plan and would love to share my experience with you. This will not be my own recipes, it will be recipes I’ve tried with my feedback. Each week I’d really like to share our recipes with each other. I struggle with finding new recipes!

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or have any suggestions to make these new topics better. Have a Blessed Day!!

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