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In this chapter Jesus speaks about judging, prayer and false prophets. Jesus tells us not to judge other people. If you judge other people you will be judged too. This is something that I’m sure in today’s society we all run into. We’re human and we know were not perfect so this is a hard battle. I just try to remind myself that the person could be Jesus in disguise and I would never judge my savior.

We are here to spread the word of God but we need to be careful when we witness to people. We want to be sure they don’t tear down the precious things of God. It would be better if they had an open mind. I know this may be hard to figure out. Think of it as not forcing his word upon them, spread his word to the people willing to listen.

Jesus tells us to keep praying. Don’t get discouraged if your prayer is not answered right away. The Lord will answer you prayers in his time.

We’re told to beware of false prophets. You will come across people in life that come disguised as harmless sheep but they will tear us apart. Jesus tells us to judge them by the fruit they produce.

If we build our foundation on the strong rock of Jesus, we will stay strong during hard times. If we don’t we will crumble.

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Read: Matthew 8

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To Be Continued Saturday, September 10th……………

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Catherine Taylor

September 10, 2010 @ 09:47

This is a chapter that I need to read over and over again. I think sometimes the quote "Judge not lest ye be judged" gets misused especially by non believers. Believers are called to judge good and evil, we are called to make a judgement or a decision what is right and what is wrong using the Word of God. According to the amplified, "judged" in the original language should be translated more to "condemn not, lest you be condemned". The only one who can condemn us is our holy righteous God not a fellow servant. This is the part I have the most problem with especially lately as I look at others with the speck in their eye while trying not to knock anyone over with the beam in my eye. Keep my focus on the Lord is the message I have to live!

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