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I think we’re all set to start our journey together. After a ton of research, I’ve decided we will start our study in Matthew and continue straight through the New Testament. Once we’ve completed Revelation, we will start The Old Testament.

What I will do, starting with this post, is list which scripture we’ll be reading. Obviously we won’t be able to read together but we’ll all be on the same page of scripture. I will post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s to discuss the scripture we’ve read.

If you’re joining me on this journey, make sure you have a Bible. If you don’t have one or don’t know where to get one, let me know. I’m really excited about this. I have several resources available to help us.

Read: Matthew 1

I will post Thursday about what I learned from Matthew 1 and want to hear what you learned. Remember, I’m not a teacher. The goal is to have fellowship with fellow Christians and help each other learn about our Savior.

Just joining us on this journey? Click here to catch up with us.

To Be Continued Thursday, August 26th……………


Julie Hayes

August 24, 2010 @ 05:38

I just wanted to introduce myself, I am Julie and a stay at home mom to 3 precious children (arent they all?? :P ) ages 7, 3, 1. I am from New Mexico and am very excited to be starting this journey. As you previous stated that you had tried previous read thru the entire Bible ideas, so have I and I think this one is already set up to succeed because of the involvement from other believers. We can encourage and equip eachother along the way. I like that you didnt start in the Old Testament, often I get bogged down before I even begin. Cant wait to meet eveyone else!! Blessings, Julie


August 24, 2010 @ 13:56

Bless you for doing this! I really need something to help keep me on track w/ Bible reading! I'm going to try to keep up and will pray that lots of women participate =)

Deborah Tucker

October 14, 2011 @ 08:15

Hello! This is Debbie from Texas. I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since 1960! Yeah, I'm old! I have two grown kids and five grandkids. My preacher dad and older sister led me to the Lord at the young age of seven. My dad's strong faith, faithfulness and passion for the Lord had the greatest influence on my life. The second, more recent impact has been from Dr. John Yates' Faith Bible Institute - a 3 year course that is offered through local churches. Our church has used FBI since 2006 and we have all learned SO MUCH! I highly recommend it to any church whose believers want to have a better understanding of the entire Bible. My favorite part is the "Ten Steps Through the Bible" that is covered at the beginning of each semester. I love to participate in Bible studies and also need something to keep me studying, learning and growing ... especially now that the Lord's coming is so near! I want to be found finishing well!


December 7, 2011 @ 20:11

Hi, I am Gayle, wife and mother, and living gluten free. I am happy to be joining you here. I have never read the entire Bible despite the fact that I make Bible Study and prayer a part of my daily life. I coupon and save so that my family can give to support the work of God and others. God has healed my body so many times and I am so grateful. I am living well with celiac disease and I share gluten free savings, coupons and more at www.facebook.com/glutenfreecouponcorner. I am looking forward to learning and sharing the Word. Thank you for this opportunity. And, Deborah thanks for the tip on FBI. -Gayle

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