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Here are some match ups for the Kmart doubles event starting tomorrow 7/4. Check out my post here for more information about the Kmart doubles event. Please keep in mind that prices will vary store to store.


Bic Disposable Razors starting at $3.49
Use $2 Bic Disposable Razor Coupon or $2 from 6/6 SS
Final Price: Free

Clearisil Pimple Blocker Pen $3.49
Use $2 Clearasil Coupon
Final Price: Free

Kiss Nail & Toe Products $1.99-$5.49
Use $2 Kiss Nail Products Coupon
Final Price: Free

Reach Floss or Flosser, $1.49
Use $1 from 3/7 SS
Final Price: Free

Rolaids 4 rolls $1.79
Use $4/2 from 6/6 RP
Final Price: Free

Visine Eye Drops $3.99
Use $2 Visine Coupon or $2 from 4/11 RP
Final Price: Free

Always Panty Liner 20 ct, $1.45
Use $1 from 7/4 PG
Final Price: Free

Lip Smackers, $2
Use $1 Lip Smacker Coupon
Final Price: Free

Oral B Crossaction Toothbrush, $3.99
Use $2 from 7/4 PG
Final Price: Free


Advil PM 20ct $4.29
Use $2 Advil Coupon
Final Price: $.29

Bengay Products starting at $4.49
Use $2 from 5/16 or 6/20 RP
Final Price: $.49

Clean & Clear, 5 oz scrub $4.49
Use $2 Clean and Clear Coupon
Final Price: $.49

Crest Rinse 1 L (plus 250ml bonus bottle) $4.99
Use $2 from 6/6 PG
Final Price: $.99

Gillette Body Wash 12.2 oz $4.59
Use $2 from 7/4 PG
Final Price: $.59

Gillette Clinical Deodorant $4.49
Use $2 from 7/4 PG
Final Price: $.49

Neutrogena Men Skin Care Shaving Cream, 5.1 oz $4.39
Use $2 Neutrogena Coupon
Final Price: $.39

Q-Tips 300 or 375ct $2.99
Use $1 Q-Tip Coupon
Final Price: $.99

Schick Twin Slim Disposable Razor $4.29
Use $2 from 6/27 SS
Final Price: $.29

Sudafed PE, 10 ct $4.79
Use $2 from 3/14 RP
Final Price: $.79

Tampax Pearl $4.79
Use $2 from 6/6 PG
Final Price: $.79

For additional match ups visit The Krazy Coupon Lady. They have a huge list of products!



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