Vons Coupon Policy

Please note, double coupons are back at selected Vons and Pavilions stores for a limited time.  This promotion is for manufacturer coupons only.  The double discount does not apply to Vons/Pavilions store coupons or any other in-store coupons.  Limit of 1 double manufacturer coupon discount per like item.  Customers will get double the value of the manufacturer coupon up to $1.00.

For your convenience, we have also provided the policy related to Internet coupons.  Printable Internet Coupons are defined as on-line print at home coupons that consumers receive from either a retailer web site (for example: Vons.com), a manufacturer web site (for example: Kraft Foods.com) or from a legitimate coupon web site, (for example: Coupons.com).  These web sites typically require shoppers to register on-line before granting access to print the coupon, and generally limit the customer to print only one type of coupon from their web site to discourage duplicates coming from a single computer.

In order to insure that we accept only legitimate printable Internet coupons, Vons has adopted the following store policies and guidelines.  These policies and guidelines are company wide.

1. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that do not have a manufacturer’s bar code or manufacturer’s redemption instructions.
2. We will accept any printable Internet coupons only if they scan properly at checkout.
3. We will not accept more than one “copy” of the same printable Internet coupon per customer.
4. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons for a Free Product (other than a “Buy One Get One Free Offer” that requires a purchase of the like item).
5. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons for more than a $5.00 value or for more than 50% of a product’s retail price, whichever of the two is lower.
6. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that do not have an easy to read expiration date or that extend more than 12 weeks (Most printable Internet coupons may expire 30-45 days after you print them).
7. We will not accept any printable Internet coupons that appear out of proportion, appear blurry, or are obvious duplicates.
8. Any printable Internet coupons that appear to have been altered in any way may be rejected.  Printable Internet coupons are nearly always printed using the same technology and therefore have a standard format, with very specific security features, including a unique serial code.

**Vons does allow you to combine paper coupons with e-coupons. Click here for more details.**

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