CVS ExtraCare Card

The CVS ExtraCare card allows you to take advantage of their Extra Care Buck program as well as receive in store coupons via snail mail or email. You can obtain a CVS ExtraCare card from any store, just ask for it at the register. They will give you a short form to fill out, and then give you your card. You can also register for one online if you are willing to wait a week or two to get it in the mail. If you filled out the form at the store, you can go online and register your card with all your information, or you can go ahead and call CVS customer service (1-800-SHOP-CVS), and ask them to register your card so that you can see your account online. The advantage of seeing it online is you can check your spending there. You can also use it to purchase items online and get discounts and have it count toward your spending for the quarter You cannot get ECBs when you shop online.

Extra Care Bucks Program

You can earn Extra Care Bucks (“ECBs”) in three different ways:

  • ECBs are earned through promotions, such as “Buy this product, receive $$ in ECB.” Sometimes the promotion says “buy $X of this product and get $Y in ECBs.” The required amount to receive the ECB is calculated before coupons. So, if you have to purchase $10 worth, you can do that and then have $10 of coupons and still get the ECB promised!You do not have to buy all the products for that particular promotion in the same transaction, unless specifically stated in that promotion. They can be bought anytime, at any store, as long as the purchase is made during the time period the promotion is valid. Your receipt will print at the bottom and keep track of how much you have toward a spend $X get $Y promotion. Be aware that there are both weekly sales that are printed, and a monthly sale book. The weekly sale flyers are typically in the Sunday paper. The monthly books are only available at the store. Both can be viewed at
  • At the end of each quarter, CVS rewards it’s customers by giving them 2% back of the total amount spent during the quarter.
  • $1 ECB is earned for every 2 prescriptions filled @ CVS. The $1 is reflected in your quarterly ECB total. Always scan that card at the pharmacy counter!Your ECBs will print immediately when you have earned it at the bottom of your register receipt.
  • If you buy the Green Bag Tag for $0.99 and have the cashier scan it when your at the store, you’ll receive $1 ECB on every fourth scan. You do have to use your own bag 🙂
  • Join the CVS Beauty Club and earn $5 ECB on every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases and $3 ECB on your birthday!

CVS Coupons
CVS accepts manufacturer’s coupons. CVS also issues their own store-specific coupons. They can be used together.

ECB coupons can be used to purchase nearly anything in the store. Please note that the excluded items are prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, and Gift Cards. In some areas, this also includes dairy.ECB coupons expire 4 weeks from the date they are printed.

Always call customer service if your ECB’s do not print when you make a purchase.

Updated: March 2012


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