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Leprosy is known as a symbol of sin because it’s a mystery of where it comes from. It is unknown of how Leprosy spreads from one person to another just as it is...

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There was a careful examination performed to make sure someone wasn’t a leper. God didn’t want people to be isolated unfairly. God wanted to keep the...

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Women would bring a lamb for burnt offering after child birth. It was an offering of consecration and a sin offering. If a woman could not afford a lamb, she could...

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It’s not exactly clear about what animal “arnebeth” is. They thought it was rabbit but no one knows for sure. Wild rabbits are are dangerous because...

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God has instructed us with the way He wants to be worshiped. I’m not given the choice to worship God a certain way based on how I feel. They took it upon...

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Moses told Aaron step by step how the sacrifices were to be made. We see that the priests go before God to represent the people.  Then the priests bless the people...

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