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Cheap Ass Plugs sells cheapest plugs and tunnels you’ll ever find. They offer customer the cheapest price on their products as possible. They buy products in large (really large) quantities from their special international contacts. They ship them slowly and cheaply and cut out as many middle men as possibly can. In turn you are able to buy products at near wholesale prices. You can rest assure that all products have great quality. You can find products such as amber plugs, amethyst stone plugs, areng wood carved flower tunnels, black acrylic plugs, black acrylic tapers, black acrylic tunnels, black agates stone plugs, black double flared steel tunnels, and much more!

They package everything in a safe and efficient way and then ship it as affordably as possible for it to still reach you in a reasonable amount of time. All of the products are medium to high quality, and are still scrutinized as if they we’re being sold for top dollar. They also ship their products worldwide for free if purchased over a $25 worth. And if you refer a friend you will get 20% off for your next purchased. What are you waiting for? Visit their store and find the best deal for you!

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