My Journey Through The Bible: Exodus 26

Holy Bible

The first curtain ends up being one curtain that can be taken apart and folded in two. The second curtain of goat’s hair was to be even bigger. It’s to drape down further then the linen one. The third covering was of badger’s or ram’s skin dyed red. It was the waterproof cover for the other curtains. The was a total of three curtains over the tabernacle.

The front entrance of the tabernacle was boards in sockets of silver side by side. Over the top hung all three curtains. They used rings so the entrance could stand upright with the curtains draping over it.

There was a veil that separated the rooms on the inside. It’s indicated that the veil was very thick and heavy.  The same veil was torn from top to bottom when Jesus was crucified. It symbolized that through Jesus all men could come to God freely. Access to the Father is no longer limited to the high priest, it is open to everyone.

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