My Journey Through The Bible: Exodus 25

Holy Bible

God wanted the people to give an offer willingly.  It should never be a strain or pressure to give. God doesn’t want to hear that you’re unhappy about what you’ve given.

The tabernacle is a model of heaven. God is very specific on how He wants it made.

The ark was to be placed where they would meet with God. It was overlaid with gold and was in a box shape. The lid on the box was the mercy seat. Inside the Holy of Holies (the ark box) were two tablets of stone that had the ten commandments etched  on them, a jar of manna which signified God’s sustenance for them in the wilderness and Aaron’s rod that signified his priesthood. Those were the only things allowed in the Holy of Holies.

The table had a crown gold ornamentation at the top and was overlaid with gold. It was part of the outer rooms furnishings. It had twelve loaves of bread on it constantly being changed out. The twelve loaves represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

The ark and the table had gold rings on the corner of them. The rings were used if they wanted to move them. They would put their sticks through the rings so they wouldn’t touch the ark or table.

The priest would enter the tent and on his right hand side was the table and on the right hand side was the candlestick with seven oil filled cups. The priest had to be sure and fill the cups daily so the candlestick would remain lit.

The candlestick was the tents source of light but it was also a symbol of God’s desire for Israel to be the light of the world.

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To Be Continued Thursday, February 28th………..

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